Path to Acceptance

What has knowing done but to cause unimaginable hurt and pain? Clarity, yes clarity and wisdom. A path clear cut through clouded memories, shrouded in shame. Knowing is but factual gray, the only light shines further down the path.
Knowing is but a mirror into self. The hurt and anger is unfamiliar, so much so in fact it is an unrelatable emotion. Wind caught within clogged pipes, only pen and paper accept tears which fall at will.
Wisdom- knowing has brought wisdom needed to maneuver ahead. It is the wind in the sails.
Many moments of seeking have slipped into a black abyss. A pretty price to pay pondering things already known to be suspicious. And yet the mind may sometimes attempt to distort what it knows to be factual attempting to steer clear of the very pain it now knows it must confront.
The eye of the storm is peace—thus so it is with revelation. In spite of uncertainty, facts may be accepted. Acceptance merely suggests that trust has been extended to experience. Acceptance, the breath of fresh air never imagined. The strength to move forward.

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