Off Centered

Off the dome

I go, mind ready to roam

Down winding roads in Rome.

I cannot sleep, wide eyed

Waiting for the annoying 3:45 beep

Ideas invested in interesting

Endeavours and I should

Settle my spirit down pay

This student loan but fuck Navient

My wife’s birthday is Sunday

And she’s got great gifts to unwrap.

I’m not focused- now my ind is

Drowning in her sex, and I really need to sleep, but she has this effect on me and if I’m not careful we will watch the sunrise.

I would like to tell obscenities

And give you the reader a good glimpse into me

But that’s so intimate, how bad do you really wanna know me? So random it’s almost dumb,

It’s cool though, my eyes are getting heavy and so I think I’m just about done.

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