Damn Anxiety

I’m here, I made it. I could clock in early and start my day. After Friday’s episode I have a lot of apprehension. So I sit and stare at this cup of coffee, half decaf, half regular because the regular side of the machine gave me watery brown liquid unworthy to be called coffee.

In 3 minutes I’ll punch the clock. I’ll take this medication for my anxiety and hope today goes way better than Friday.

Three minutes-today’s menu is simple. Hot dogs, baked beans, sauerkraut. Breakfast isn’t too bad either.

Two minutes- in the back of my mind I am worried about what my coworkers will think, I shouldn’t

One minute- I am waiting to hear some news, I have been checking my email more frequently than usual. I need to take this medication, my anxiety is starting to flare.

Times up, I have to go for now.

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