I am finally alone and in my head. Like looking around a room with familiar walls but unfamiliar furnishings. I do not know these thoughts. This is my space, I should feel at home instead of a lost voyager drowning in a sea of unspoken creativity.
It is a stuffy place to be, with no mirrors to show reflections of me, no windows to let in what I need to breathe. How can this be? Who took an ax to the root(s) of my tree—I had named her Life and Longevity.
I want to tell you world, that I turned 32 today, but no leaves of reflection can fall, this breeze sneaking through my window, tickling my toes, melodies cascading through my headphones—yeah I am 32 today, and for the first time in quite a while I am in my dome, reshuffling, reclaiming it as my own.

One thought on “Axed

  1. i turned 38 the other day on october first, i think different, i move different, i listen different, i’m just all into wordpress now, this is what i am going to be into for the next year, it might not be poppin but i haven’t put in my year yet, i might get around to leaving a comment on every blog, i’m interested in taking my blog to that business level but like i just came off homelessness brought on by something tragic, i spent two years in the system, i’m more focused now than i have ever been, tag them posts, categorize that shit and meet people and communicate and put yourself out there, be the oldest man on wordpress doing it the right way, be about your wordpress, like 38 ain too different than you, and like i got the next plan which is to go into bench advertising that i can buy benches from alibaba and have a city manager approve the installation of that bench so that i can advertise my blog with a bench and then sell advertising on my blog, like it’s slightly more complex than writing a book and pitching it to literary agents but i can publish my book on my website and sell print on demand books and i been studying this work for the last 8 years the time just flew by in a series of movies and now i’m in the green room at my folks place waiting for the next set to act on

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