Sun Kissed Morning

Since the day of her birth, he vowed to find the perfect day to share with her a place that always brought him back down to earth. A place of beauty, tranquility, a place to breathe.20181010_101603.jpg
Once bathed and fed, they took the short drive to the forest within the city. In this moment his heart swelled with pride. Sharing with his daughter a place where memories were made beautiful.
It was a peaceful, rather warm humid morning. Rays of sunlight cut through thick air and leaves with beautiful precision as geese swam in waters tickling the ear—soothing, cooling the worried fibers within him. 20181010_101039.jpg
She loved the “quack-quacks,” as she called them. He could see pieces of himself within her—the desire to explore, get close, as close as could be without falling.
To his delight and surprise, she allowed him to lead her down the main path. 20181010_104155.jpgShe could see the water and pointed excitedly, waddling over to the fence, exploring it, trying to find the best way over and around it to get closer to the water.20181010_104433.jpg
He sensed this beautiful moment would soon be ending. It being only ten in the morning, he could see the sleepiness in her eyes. Truthfully he was bummed, he dreamed of taking a long walk with her down the path, showing her the “tweet-tweets,” the trees, hearing the excitement whenever she met a new dog, but he knew better—she was on a schedule that her little self could not fight, so if she was ready to take an early nap, then he would take what he could get from their early morning excursion, and plan to come back another day.

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