Month: December 2020

I’ve Been M.I.A

I have had so many awesome story ideas over this past year, but I just never made the effort to sit down and write. Often when I had the time, I did not have the right frame of mind to focus my energies on writing–I knew if I had tried, the words would have been rushed.

One legitimate reason I haven’t written is because I am currently working on a career change. For the last ten years of my life I have worked at a long-term care facility, eight of those years as a cook. I have prayed and prayed to get out of this job/industry into a profession where I would be able to help others and be proud of the work I am doing. So I am working on building my financial services company as an independent contractor with Primerica.

Well, I don’t want to bore anyone who reads this with the intricacies of how Covid-19 affected my year, instead, I will write two stories (one of which I had hoped to have written for Thanksgiving) and hope that you enjoy them! Happy holidays and God bless!



Rain danced along

Sidewalks where

Strangers once side

Stepped one another.

Alone in her apartment

She sat in total

Darkness, moving eerily

To the rhythm of a

Violent wind.

And when the sky

Split- the skeletons surrounding

Her, now illuminated for a moment

Howled with

The rolling thunder.



Standing in the shadow

Of your perceived perfection

Pushed and pulled by

The tide of all that is you.

Eggshells cracking

Beneath bloodied

Soles- so anxious

Not to oppose

Yet like a steamroller

You impose you;

And so here we are

At an impasse,

And I am broken


Have to Go

I wanted to. So desperately, I wanted my tongue to explore her mouth while my hands slid her pants down, toying with her pussy. “I have to go, I really need to be to work early.”

As I drove through the rain, Bastille playing through the car, my mind wondered back home. I wanted to take her so bad, put her on the edge of the kitchen table where we enjoy our meals, play cards, and work, pushing into with all my might, gritting my teeth because she’s so tight. Plummeting deep, teeth on neck, her breath in my ear, practically pulling her off the table, I need to feel her near.

But alas, I have to go. I wished to hear her panting my name as my thrusts sent pleasure tsunamis crashing through her brain. But I am here now, time to clock in, I’ll keep these thoughts here, until the next time I can dive in- taste her sweetness and pleasure her again. So until next time….