Bio: About me sections give me writer's block. I never know what to say without sounding mechanical. I see myself as a regular sort of man. I am not into sports, so maybe I am a tad irregular in that regard. I love bookstores and libraries. Ever since my mom taught me to read and write I took both very seriously, and I have always had a love affair with the pen and pad. I was studying psychology online but recently I realized that my passion for writing outweighed counseling, so I dropped out. My goal is to get some of my best poems and short stories published. What inspires me? Life baby, life... I can write a short love story that hits home, I can write a poem that knocks around in your dome. I like challenging myself when I write. I strive to be different--I try to be real in sharing a bit of my worldview with the world. Stay tuned--my blog, SpKn (pronounced "Spoken") has a good deal in store, and hopefully it will move you.

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