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Let the chips
Fall where chance
And gravity willed
His love for her
Was warm and persistent, cool
And kind like a beverage chilled
Forbidden by time and
He confessed heartfelt emotions
Amidst so much commotion, and
Though slowed down, his love
Lumbered with locomotion.

Eloquent Kisses

Ever so eloquent you stand with your back to me
Quick as a kitten, silent as a whisper
I entangle you in a warm embrace, my lips attack your neck
You push against me, melting into the strength of my arms.
My lips finish their gentle assault and softly
I say, “I love you.”

Marriage, and the Pursuit of Her

2013-10-14 12.13.33

This is my wife, Taryn. We met eight years ago through a mutual friend’s MySpace page. I was a senior in high school and she was a junior. And now here we are married, going on two years (August 3rd to be precise… I think…No I’m just kidding). Boy, would ya’ look at that smile?! She’s gorgeous! People see our pictures together and they always comment, “You guys always look so happy together!”

The truth is, we are! I was blessed to marry my best friend!

That smile. What does it take to keep it radiant, beautiful, and irresistible? I told Taryn recently that I wanted to pursue her romantically. I wanted to put aside my tendency towards selfishness and be more affectionate. So I go on Facebook and pose a challenge to my fellow married friends. I said, “Let’s band together to encourage one another to pursue our wives!” No one took me up on it. But! I didn’t care, I was like screw it, I’ll do it by myself.
Last week was Taryn’s birthday. I had been wanting to do this for her anyway, but I cleaned the whole house, left instructions for her at the front door, I ran her a bubble bath, and gave her a massage. I wasn’t looking for sex, I wasn’t looking to get anything out of it. My desire was purely to indulge her, to romance her.

The Pursuit of Her–simply put, what does it take for us husbands to keep our wives radiant, beautiful, and extraordinary?

I had to come to the conclusion that I don’t want an ordinary marriage in which my wife begs for my attention. I don’t want her to wander into another man’s arms because I lack affection, I don’t want to dissolve our marriage because I think only of my needs. So with this I’d like to close with a prayer;

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of marriage. I pray that you would guide me, and all husbands in the pursuit of our wives. May we keep you first in all that we do, guide us with your Holy Spirit. Help us to keep our hearts pure, and our eyes focused. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.