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Rain danced along

Sidewalks where

Strangers once side

Stepped one another.

Alone in her apartment

She sat in total

Darkness, moving eerily

To the rhythm of a

Violent wind.

And when the sky

Split- the skeletons surrounding

Her, now illuminated for a moment

Howled with

The rolling thunder.



Standing in the shadow

Of your perceived perfection

Pushed and pulled by

The tide of all that is you.

Eggshells cracking

Beneath bloodied

Soles- so anxious

Not to oppose

Yet like a steamroller

You impose you;

And so here we are

At an impasse,

And I am broken


Simply Beautiful

I think of you,

and like a butterfly dancing

on the wings of the wind

my heart flutters.

Your face is a concoction

of beauty.

That girlish smile,

mixed with the twinkle in your eyes,

wrapped up in skin so silky,

those lips succulent and soft.

Your soul is so strong, confident, and gentle.

I think of you and

I am compelled to smile.

Work in Progress

So this morning I finally sat down and began to work on something that may or may not be bigger than what I initially intended. I do not get to write/post the way I would like, but my mind is always coming up with new things to jot down.

Once I have gotten the main idea of this current piece I’m working on, I will share it with you all! Take care until then!