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Wish I Could Sleep

It’s about 3:20a.m here in Philadelphia, and yet here I am drinking a cup of coffee. I can feel the weight of sleep on my eye lids, but my mind has other plans.

I am on paternity leave again. My wife, daughter and I welcomed our son just last Wednesday. I swear this little bundle of joy was going to set a record for how much formula a new born could stomch–seemed like ever hour since about 12 he was crying to be fed.

I am writing merely to say I wrote. Recently i posted about a work in progress, a story I am currently working on; however,there hasn’t been much progress lately. But this project I am working on is something bigger than just another erotic story I post on my blog. It holds the potential to be something more, so I will view it as a goal, a deep desire to make it more than just a blog post.

I am always a little bit leary to post photos of my kids, but as a proud dad, I just cannot help myself, so here goes

I love to write. I have come to realize that I enjoy writing love/erotica poems and short stories. But, I spend so much time trying not to offend those who may come across my page and say, well he seems like a Christian, but his content doesn’t reflect Christ/Christian values.

The truth is, when people come to this page, my desire is that they sense that I write what comes naturally. That which comes naturally to me, I write with conviction. My words are hand selected from the dictionary/thesaurus in an attempt to move the reader, allowing them to taste a bit of their own fantasies without being overly vulgar. That is the joy I get out of writing erotica, building up a suspense with creative language that moves the reader without them walking away feeling dirty, horny maybe, but not dirty.

So I will be posting from time to time some things that move you the reader–I will always continue to be tasteful, but I am too old not to be true to myself and my creative convictions.